Behind the Stories

Have you ever read a story so unbelievable yet so relatable that your mind cant stop re-living the paragraphs over and over again as you go about your day? There is just something about wildlife conservation that takes people on the most impossible, improbable and unexpected adventures. Reading the tales of other wildlife warriors has inspired me to delve into the most unbelievable stories of my own life, and to look back on the times I survived, learned and prospered in the University of Mother Earth.

I believe every creature has its own story to tell and with that, it’s unique lessons and teachings. I believe the most unexpected people have the most profound impact on the way I live. I want to use this blog to explore the lessons I have received in my quests to conserve wildlife and understand how they have shaped the way I look at the world today.

This planet is my school, the lifeforms are the teachers and now its time to tell my story.